About TipToe

TipToe Jewellery is a sustainable contemporary jewellery brand based in Bath, UK. All of our work is produced by hand in the garden studio. TipToe represents a commitment to tread lightly on the environment as well as the inspiration behind the designs – the footprints of animals left in the ground.


For me the tracks represent a journey, any journey. They can be a guide showing the way, a connection to the natural world, a stage for light and shade, or just a reminder that it’s the journey not the destination.


I found this theme for my work whilst at university and in the years since I find that it remains relevant to my life, with new interpretations of the tracks always revealing themselves.


Some of the first tracks I found and photographed were the arrow-like tracks of birds left in the snow, and these tracks have formed the basis for my first collection ‘The Way’. The ambition for the brand going forward is to raise awareness for, and hopefully give support back to the natural world by finding inspiration from the tracks of endangered species in my future collections.