About TipToe

TipToe Jewellery is a sustainable contemporary jewellery practice based in Bath, UK. All of the work is produced by hand in our studio. Environmental and ethical concerns are paramount – the vast majority of materials used are recycled, or they are carefully sourced through traceable, ethical and trusted partners.

The name TipToe represents a commitment to treading lightly on the environment and refers to the inspiration behind the jewellery – the footprints animals have left on the earth. The patterns created by shadows falling within their tracks, as well as the landscape that surrounds them, is the basis for my designs.

The formation of tracks and the sand dunes, snow and earth that embed them offer a bridge to nature and the animals that made them. Journeying through the natural world gives me a rare sense of freedom, which is something I want to carry with me everywhere. My jewellery is designed to keep that connection alive; to feel wild, free and guided.